Processing Plant

Stahmann Farms has been processing macadamias for more than twenty years, and was in fact one of the processing pioneers of the industry in Australia.

Our macadamia processing plant runs separately to the pecan line; however utilises the same Laser sorting equipment.

The macadamia plant has a processing capacity of up to 6,000 tonnes of NIS per annum as well as onsite 500 tonne of drier/storage specifically for Macadamias.

Stahmann Farms offers a range of services to the Macadamia industry including:

  • Drying and Bagging services
  • Cold Room Storage
  • Container Loading and shipping
  • Full Supply chain management from Processing through to delivery of finished goods

For further information regarding our Processing facilities and capacity, please contact Col Oakley on 0488 400 341 or

Contact Details

Address: 193 McDougall Street, Toowoomba Qld 4350


Google Maps: See our location online.

Phone: +61 7 4699 9400

About Stahmann Farms

Stahmann Farms Inc. was established in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in 1932 by Deane Stahmann Snr. He and his sons, the late brothers, Deane Jnr and Bill Stahmann, planted more than 100,000 Pecan trees (pronounced p'cahn in southern USA) on a vast property still operated by the family.
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