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Riverside All Australian

Stahmann Farms Riverside All Australian Nut Range is now available in Coles, Woolworths and most independent supermarkets throughout Australia. Riverside is the only nut range committed to providing All Australian grown, processed and packaged nuts, delivering best quality and value to our customers.

Because we source and handle every nut through our own plant we can guarantee the safety and freshness of our products and can assure them 100% peanut-free. We hope you enjoy our products and invite you to contact us with any queries or comments you might have.

Riverside All Australian Pecan Nut Halves 180g

Our leading retail line offers a cup and a half of sweet, fresh, delectable pecan halves perfect for baking or healthy snacking. Grown on Stahmann’s own farm near Moree in NSW without the use of chemical pesticides, these pecans are clean, nutritious and Australian-grown, shelled and packed.

Riverside All Australian Pecan Nut Halves 110g

A handy pack of about one cup of pecan halves ideal for snacking, baking, salads, or added to some dried fruits to make nutritious snacks. Pecans contain the highest level of anti-oxidants of any nut and among the highest of all natural foods.

Riverside All Australian Pecan Nut Pieces 130g
The best value pecan offering you’ll find anywhere, this pack provides one cup of kitchen-ready pecan pieces perfect for adding to your favourite cake or muffin recipes, or sprinkling on a salad. Try lightly roasting them in the oven to bring out even more flavour!

Riverside All Australian Whole Macadamias 180g
Australia’s only retail offering of whole macadamia nuts is also superb value – just compare our prices. We can offer lower prices because we source our nuts directly from the trees of our partner growers. We process and pack the macadamias in our own factory which guarantees the very best quality and freshness – and of course at the lowest prices!

Riverside All Australian Walnut Halves and Pieces 180g
We are very proud to include in our range the first retail pack of Australian-grown walnuts. Which are all sourced in-shell from Australia’s biggest walnut growers. The walnuts are cracked and packed in our factory which includes the popular Howard, Chandler and distinctive Vina varieties. Australian walnuts are the cleanest and freshest possible and so provide the very best taste and nutritional value.